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Welcome to WorldPride

August 2005, Jerusalem, Israel

WorldPride 2005
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Welcome to the WorldPride 2006 Community!

August 6-12, 2006: WorldPride is coming to Jerusalem!

Jerusalem WorldPride 2006 – a 7 day international festival – will bring together gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, families and friends from throughout the word to Jerusalem, to celebrate love, life, tolerance, and hope. The 7 days will offer a wide range of activities for everyone: a lesbi-gay-bi-trans film festival, art exhibits, music concerts, an academic conference, religious services, parties, tours, and much more – and of course, the high point of the events will be an international pride parade at the heart of Jerusalem, under the theme "Love without Borders".
Sounds impossible? Well, this is what some of us thought on June 2001, at the first pride parade in Jerusalem. But the parade turned out to be a success, and since then became a new Jerusalem tradition – a moving, peaceful and meaningful community celebration, that each year sounds a different voice of love and acceptance, a voice much needed in Jerusalem, a city torn by conflict, hate and prejudice.
Jerusalem WordPride 2006 is organized by The Jerusalem Open House, Jerusalem's LGBT grassroots organization, which serves both as a community center, offering a wide range of services and activities to the LGBT community in Jerusalem, and as an organization for social change. WorldPride 2006 is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to join us in making history while having lots of fun.

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What you can do:
* Go to the WorldPride official site or email info@worldpride.net for more information
* Add the banner link to your website/online journal using the code found here.
* Use the WorldPride icons found here.

* Come and join the fun!

WorldPride 2006 - Jerusalem
WorldPride 2006 - Jerusalem

Community Rules
1. No form of hate whatsoever allowed.
2. Feel free to advertise communities if they are related to the topic.
3. Please advertise the event as much as possible.
4. Have fun.